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The evolving requirements in terms of local and international standards and regulations have created tighter restrictions in the chemical industry. Despite these constraints, EfCI has chosen to take up the challenge by supporting the world's largest groups in their projects, through compliance with applicable standards while guaranteeing reliable equipment with high productivity .

Equipment for Chemical Industries

The operating principle of chemical industries lies primarily in altering the chemical structure of natural or synthetic elements, with the aim of deriving from them useful products for other industries .

After a series of transformations, theraw materials (metals, minerals, etc.) are transformed into by-products . The aim is to carry out all of these operations with the lowest possible impact, while paying special attention to the safety of operators and users.

Our pharmaceutical industry equipment

EfCI has developed a range of innovative equipment equipment in-house that contributing to enhance our customers’ industrial performance.


Static filtration

Agitated filtration





Pharma piping


Others solutions

Why choose EfCI to design your chemical industry equipment?

  • Optimal price / quality ratio through flawless in-house operation.
  • Robust design with low maintenance costs and high operability ratings.
  • Innovative and advanced production technologiescompliant withFood and Drug Administration(FDA) regulations and European standards.

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