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Equipment for Chemical Industries

Building on a long-standing experience in industrial processes, our teams are equipped to support you in engineering your projects From preliminary design to full implementation of an installation(project management, layouts, production, etc.), EfCI is a seasoned and dependable partner. The earlier our company engages in the project, the greater the added value from our services!

What is industrial
process optimization?

Our engineering consulting servicesare driven by three core principles:

1. Analyse and enhance your process: This guarantees smart use of your machines, optimising your equipment settings according to your industrial specificities, while paying due regard to your product diversity. Our goal? Anticipate rather than repair failures. . Our role is to work hand in hand with you to understand and optimise your industrial processes with a view to improving performance and productivity .

2.Our background and our experience in other lines of business (fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc.) enable us to solve a multiplicity of problems without losing sight of the constraints inherent in your project. Our innovative ability brings you unique processes that will enable you to think outside the box.

3. Integratingnew technologies into our solutions to keep your facilities at the cutting edge, in terms of production performance, quality, energy, material loss, human resources and much more.

Key benefits of our consulting services

  • Higher productivity
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Optimised mechanical design
  • Lower training costs
  • Less unscheduled maintenance
  • No more unnecessary replacement costs

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Robust design with low maintenance costs and high operability ratings.
Optimal price / quality ratio through flawless in-house operation.
We only offer innovative and advanced technologies that comply with both Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations and all of the most stringent European standards.

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