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Historically, apothecaries used to make their ownherbal medicines with therapeutic properties until the 19th century.

Equipment for Chemical Industries

Customer satisfaction is top priority for our teams, the aim being to offer high-performance, reliable and long-term tailor-made solutions with maximum flexibility.

Today’s global pharmaceutical market accounts for more than €1000 billion yearly with powerful groups topping the rankings. This growth is partly fuelled bygrowth in synthetic drugs and vaccines, an ageing population and greater access to healthcare in many countries.

To meet this growing global demand, EfCIhas positioned itself for the last 45 years as a manufacturer of high calibre equipment for the pharmaceutical industry. This market has also been EfCI’score business since its inception.

Compliance with the highest applicable standards, our listening and adaptation ability combined with impeccable manufacturing quality have set EfCIapart from our competitors in the eyes of our customers.

Our pharmaceutical industry equipment

EfCI has developed a range of innovative equipment equipment in-house that contributing to enhance our customers’ industrial performance.


Static filtration

Agitated filtration





Pharma piping


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Why choose EfCI to design your technical solutions?

  • Optimal price / quality ratio through flawless in-house operation.
  • Robust design with low maintenance costs and high operability ratings.
  • Innovative and advanced production technologies compliant withFood and Drug Administration(FDA) regulations and European standards.

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