The EfCI pilot test and installation laboratory

Alongside the marketing and installation of our devices, we conducttests for customers in our test laboratory. These tests can be carried out on the customer’s product or on another similar product. Atest report is drawn up to validate the technology and calibrate an industrial device.

An in-house pilot installation to optimise your final equipment

To validate the feasibility of a product on a device, EfCIalso has a complete set of in-house pilot installations that can perform trials for customers directly on our premises. The aim is thus to optimize the mix of processes and the characteristics of the final installation.

  • Monoplate Filter Dryer 25L
  • 50L twin-rotor dryer
  • Twin-cylinder scaler17.5 dm²
  • 20kW heating group
  • vacuum group
  • 10L Vertical Conical Dryer
  • 0.2m² scraped plate filter
  • 1.1kW lump breaker
  • Static filter 0.015m²
  • Others on request

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