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Equipment for Chemical Industries

A company manufacturing customised equipment mainly for the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.
Many installations still operational even after 25 years of service!
45 years experience with more than 6,500 devices in Europe and abroad.

Your projects & our solutions

EfCI has developed a range of innovative equipment equipment in-house that contributing to enhance our customers’ industrial performance.


Starting from 1 L to 41,000 L, EfCI’s range of reactors offers a variety of options in terms of design and characteristics. Made of glass, stainless steel, Hastelloy, special alloys or coated, their carefully-crafted design helps to optimise the reaction environment and long-term reliability.

Static filtration

EfCI EfCI offers a complete range of static filters. Several technologies are offered according to your product requirements: multiplate filter (stainless steel, C22, PPH, etc.), single and double-sided , basket filter, , rotary vacuum filter, etc… Their robust and simple design makes for excellent performance with low maintenance for several decades.

Agitated filtration

EfCI offers the widest range of smoother dryer filters (or agitated Nutsche filter), starting from 0.004m² to 10m². Primarily renowned for the proven reliability of our filter dryers, EfCI offers installations that best cater to your needs in terms of quality and complexity for effective solid-liquid separation Finishes range from standard environment to extreme containment constraints. We can offer you single equipment or a complete turnkey installation


The residual humidity levelas well as the duration of the drying cycle are fundamental elements for maximum efficiency. The aim of the proposed installations is simple: fast, efficient, clean and lowest possible maintenance.


With numerous innovations (especially on moving parts) and fewer dead zones, EfCI offers devices with a unique design. Whether ribbon, cylinder or double-cone mixers, the configurations are flexible to suit customer needs.


Protecting operators in contact with extremely harmful products as well as protecting the product from pollution by the external environment are key issues that are taken very seriously. The safety offered by our range of insulators in 316L, Hastelloy or special alloys meet containment standards ranging from OEB1 to OEB6.


Solid /liquid separation by centrifugation is well known and can be applied to many solutions. This tested and proven equipment is perfectly suited to the requirements of the pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic industries.

Pharma piping

The full spectrum of expertise and know-how of our team of highly qualified welders is available to you. Using the latest generation orbital welder, we make sure the strictest requirements are met when designing and manufacturing skids, aseptic fluid networks and pure gas networks.


Sampling is a key step in monitoring performance in the drying process. We design and manufacture our own range of sampling equipment, with sampling during pressure / vacuum operation and a CIP option.

Others solutions

Listening to the customer, we are pleased to work closely together to meet specific and singular requests: vacuum skid, clean-in-place skid, thermal skid, mechanical seal, etc... Such flexibility and understanding allows us to meet the expectations of our customers optimally, with tailor-made turnkey installations.

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Solutions for
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With numerous innovations in terms of cleanliness, maintenance, optimisation and reliability, EfCI offers devices with a unique design. Whether filter dryer straightener (Nutsche) or reactors, the configurations are flexible to suit customer needs.

The chemicals industryfeatures a large number of players: fine chemicals, phytosanitary, mineral, organic, oleochemicals, etc. This is why our flexibility and our expertise are key assets in adapting to each challenge. We are mainly positioned in high-end chemical industries.

For several years, EfCI has been working with the largest global groups operating in the fragrance, cosmetics, hygiene and food flavouring sectors. Every day, companies in the cosmetics industry need support in this promising and booming sector. The manufacturing methods and standards in terms of cleanliness, reliability and cleanability are identical to the pharmaceutical sector.

State-of-the-art services to
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With the equipment available on the EfCI site, we can perform various tests to provide you with valuable analyses and results. Process validation, drying/filtration efficiency of a specific product, etc.
For further information, feel free to contact us.


Our fleet of machinery is available to you. Make the most of it! Double cylinder flaker, filter dryer, paddle dryer, conical dryer, mixer, … these installations are ready for use.


With our experienced engineers and design office, EfCI can study and optimise your industrial processes with a view to enhancing your productivity andindustrial efficiency.


For 45 years, EfCI has resolved several thousand complex and varied problems. Our expertisein many areas brings clear added value, and allows us to offer our customers solutions adapted to their problems. Feel free to contact us!


Our aim is simple: to be accessible to all kinds of businesses. Payment upon receipt, lease with option to buy (LWOB), long-term rental, credit, etc. Many solutions are on offer to simplify your project as much as possible.


Customer satisfaction and follow-up are essential to our business. We make it a point of honour to deliver robust after-sales service to ensure that our customer enjoy seamless production.


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Global leaders in pharmaceuticals, chemicals and cosmeticshave placed their trust in us and continue to call on us for new projects.

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