Our high containment isolators

Containment is often a key and sensitive point in many projects. To meet new requirements in terms of safety between operator and product, EfCI has worked hand in hand with its users to design perfectly integrated and optimized ergonomic isolators.

EFCI isolator: presentation of our solution

The isolator guarantees perfect product integrity or advanced operator protection by eliminating any risk of contamination between the inside and outside of the device. . EfCI isolators can meet the highest requirements, ensuring maximum exposure rates of up to 1 µg/m³ (OEB5).

During the design stage, special care is given to the ergonomics of our devices. In addition to the safety aspect, comfort of use and visibility are one of our core concerns. Our goal is to ensure maximum productivity with minimum effort, fatigue and inconvenience.

Totally custom designed, our design office adapts perfectly to your technical requirements in order to best meet your needs.

Equipment for Chemical Industries

EfCI: tailor-made technical solutions, specially designed for the specificities of your business

EfCI’s added value stems from a talented team focused fully on customer satisfaction. Our design office tailors the products to your business environment so that the solution fully caters for your needs Our flexible production capacity meets the highest quality standards At EfCI, the customer is one of our top priorities and we do our utmost best to bring you a tailor-made solution that will deliver you full satisfaction.

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Optimal price / quality ratio through flawless in-house operation.

Robust design with low maintenance costs and high operability ratings.

Innovative and advanced production technologies compliant with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations and European standards.

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