LAC centrifuge: a technical solution tailored to the requirements of the pharmaceutical and chemical industries

Designed and manufactured by our partner Matsumoto Machine Manufacturing in the city of Osaka, Japan, this LAC centrifuge has many technical advantages due to its simple implementation and its ability to reproduce tests. This top-of-the-range equipment is a great asset for optimising processes specific to your industry. It is mainly intended for test laboratories or pilot units.

Presentation of our solution

Solid/liquid separation by centrifugation is well known and can be applied to many solutions. Our LAC range, laboratory range, offers to test and separate small quantity samples in the early stages of development.

These tests can be performed easily and under different conditions to determine the best solution for your product. The presence of viewing windows on the cover allow visual verification of the state of separation throughout the process. Disassembly and cleaning of the assembly are facilitated by a total opening of the cover.

Through this range it is thus possible to extrapolate the results obtained to devices on a pilot and/or industrial scale.

Equipment for Chemical Industries

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