EfCI scaler: a carefully designed device for excellent drying

The purpose of scalers is to continuously dry the product with a short retention time at high temperature. The steam-heated rotating cylinder receives a very thin layer of product, thus evaporating the liquid very quickly. The dried product is scraped off and then collected for further processing. The objective is to maximize the contact between the product and the drum.

EfCI scaler: presentation of our solution

EfCI scalers incorporate many specific details that make them more efficient than most scalers on the market. Our product range is divided into two categories: single cylinder or double cylinder, each available in plunge or top entry.

Our scalers are particularly advanced because we have been developing and improving them since the company was founded. Many minor constant innovations ensure excellent drying without product waste and unparalleled reliability and safety. We also offer vacuum scalers for drying delicate products.

We have developed many different options to equip our dryers on all possible sizes: automated control, applicator rollers, sealing systems, no waste scrapers, etc.

Whatever your product, we are sure to have a suitable drum dryer for you.

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EfCI’s added value stems from a talented team focused fully on customer satisfaction. Our design office tailors the products to your business environment so that the solution fully caters for your needs Our flexible production capacity meets the highest quality standards At EfCI, the customer is one of our top priorities and we do our utmost best to bring you a tailor-made solution that will deliver you full satisfaction.

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Optimal price / quality ratio through flawless in-house operation.

Robust design with low maintenance costs and high operability ratings.

Innovative and advanced production technologies compliant with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations and European standards.

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