FLOW centrifuge: An ideal asset for the pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industry

Designed and manufactured by our partner Matsumoto Machine Manufacturing in the city of Osaka, Japan, this pocket-turning horizontal axis centrifuge has many technical and safety advantages. This top-of-the-range equipment is an ideal asset for optimising processes specific to your industry.

FLOW centrifuge: presentation of our solution

Solid/liquid separation by centrifugation is well known and can be applied to many solutions. Our FLOW range offers a new standard in terms of performance, cost and safety, as it is equipped with a complete solid unloading system in a confined environment based on the “near reversal” principle.


Our FLOW full discharge centrifuge improves safety and efficiency. This equipment is particularly suitable for high value-added products found in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries.


The whole separation process is carried out in a closed, confined environment including discharge of the solid without breaking the crystals. Internal parts are automatically cleaned after separation to minimise time between batches.

Equipment for Chemical Industries

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